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Understanding that overweight is a major concern among a high percentage of the population, and knowing about the myriad of solutions that the market is offering, we realized how hard and confusing it can be for individuals seeking for a weight loss solution to come up with the most suitable product or method for them, our team of researchers did and exhaustive investigation on the different prescription and prescription-free weight loss available.

Each product has been specifically revised, not only its ingredients and their effects and efficacy, but we also tried to gather consumers’ opinions on each of them so as to understand beyond the scientific facts, why people are using them and how they may be helping them.
It is important for consumers to be fully aware what they are ingesting and which effects it can have towards their weight loss goals and also regarding to their overall health. It is known that some drugs that have been extensively used for their efficient weight loss results also carried undesirable side effects that affected the bodies and psychologies of the frustrated consumers.

Fortunately, we found out that science has allowed coming up with efficacious and safe products, mostly derived from natural ingredients that can actually help to fight back obesity and overweight in a safe manner. Reliable and conscious manufacturers are nowadays offering us effective weight loss supplements in forms of teas, pills or powders that can be the solution for you. So spend some time informing yourself on the top ranked and most demanded weight loss and fat burning pills out there, and make an informed decision choosing the one that suits you, your weight loss goals and your lifestyle better.

So keep on reading and happy weight loss!



phen375 dubai

Phen 375

Phen 375, whose main ingredient is Phentermine, is a highly effective appetite suppressant and fat burning supplement.

It is the world´s preferred weight loss supplement.

Manufactured exclusively on FDA approved facilities, this miracle weight loss supplement owes its weight loss success to the combination of its unique appetite suppressant properties along with its potent metabolic boosting functions.

The equation is simple; less appetite means less food intake, and faster metabolism means faster burnt of fats.

The result is a greatly improved loss weight, in a shorter period of time and…completely free from side effects!




Know as the natural alternative to Adipex, it contains natural fat burners, a fat binder, an appetite reducer, 5 stimulant ingredients, and 2 thermogenic enhancers!

It seems so good to be true, but finally we count with an all natural compound whose ingredients cover all the necessary aspects of weight loss.

Being completely made of natural extracts of the best quality and manufactured under strict processes.

Thanks to its unique combination of potent ingredients that cater the different perspectives to weight loss, it just takes taking it regularly to start experiencing a gradual loose of weight and fats.

If accompanied with a good balanced diet and regular exercises, the effects will exceed your expectations!



Tea Tone Plus

Tea Tone Plus came up with a miraculous 100% natural formula

Teatoneplus combines the well known weight loss properties of Raspberry Ketone together with three teas whose attributes for weight loss and overall health melioration have been known for years.

The innovative formula of Tea Tone Plus is nothing but the premium mixture of natural extracts providing each one their unique properties and combined lead to an enhancement of their effects.

It provides a comprehensive weight loss supplement that boosts the metabolism helping to burn fats all day long, reduces the synthesis of fatty acids, stimulates the nervous system, reduces appetite, and leads to astonishing weight loss results safely and naturally!

Try Teatoneplus today and start losing weight!



Kou Tea

Kou Tea is an advanced combination of the most traditional and natural ingredients you could think of: teas!

Yes, losing weight is feasible now just by drinking tea!

Yes, Kou Tea is exactly that: a blend of 4 natural teas whose combination makes it the ultimate weight loss natural solution.

Kou Tea is not just any tea, it is a unique blend of powerful teas that naturally helps to burn fats, prevents absorbing a big percentage of the fats you consume on your meals, boosts your metabolism, increases your energy levels, reduces your appetite and as a plus, it has rejuvenating properties and it is a natural preventing supplement for many diseases.

Take advantage of the purity and properties of Green tea, Pu-erh tea, Oolong tea and White tea enjoying a tasty tea that will work wonders on your figure and health.


Ketone Balance Duo

Ketone Balance Duo

Ketone Balance Duo´s unique formulation was created to combine the top weight loss natural supplements: Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee beans.

Now you can have them both working together to let you achieve your desired figure in a natural, safe and effective way.

Losing weight is easy now, it just takes taking two pills a day to start experiencing the weight loss and fat burning boosting effects of this compound that increases your metabolism, provides you more energy, reduces your appetite and burns your stored fats while diminishes the absorption of the fat contained in your meals.

Its formulation gives you the benefits from raspberry ketons, green coffee, green tea, guaranna extracts, as well as L-Carnitine, Chromium Picolinate and essential Vit B12. All combined in the right amount on a single pill!




Capsiplex is the weight loss pill that is hitting the weight loss market due to its amazing weight loss successful results.

The amazing fat burning effects derive basically from its main natural ingredient, capsicum, which is nothing but an extract from hot peppers! Yes, the solution to weight loss comes from spicy peppers!

Capsiplex contains capsicum as its key ingredient, which is extracted from selected hot peppers. Basically, it s a potent thermogenic booster which forces your body to work in order to cool down, for what it needs energy, so it uses around 300 calories a day during the process!!

At the same time, it improves blood flow, provides essential nutrients that strengthen your immune system, controls the sugar levels on your blood, and some of the vitamins on it contribute rejuvenate your skin. It is simple: get Capsiplex and start burning fats and getting slimmer and healthier!




Meratol is a comprehensive advanced formula that caters the main aspects related to weight loss.

Just accompanying the Meratol treatment with a balanced diet and mild regular physical activities your ideal figure and a better health will start showing up after just a few days of regular intake of this natural and safe product.

The main ingredients of this top rated dietary supplement are Caspsicum, Brown Algae, Prickly Pear and Caffeine.

Altogether, these natural ingredients increase metabolism, augment mental alertness, reduce fatigue, enhance physical endurance and allow a better night-sleep.

It is the ideal supplement for individuals seeking to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle keeping a balanced diet and exercising regularly.


5:2 Fast Formula

5:2 Fast Formula

5:2 Fast Formula is the unique supplement that was formulated specifically for those seeking for a fast weight loss diet.

It has the superlative and proper ingredients to help consumers maintain their 5:2 diets easily preventing them from suffering the food cravings and the weakness that fasting diets typically bring within.

This revolutionary supplement has been created to cater the needs of the 5:2 diet followers. These popular 5:2 diets allow eating normally for 5 days but require 2 days of extreme low calories intakes. This is where 5:2 Fast Diet comes to scene.

It provides the necessary nutrients to keep your body healthy and properly nurtured during fasting process while it also suppresses appetite, avoiding consumers the risk of falling into infamy food temptation.

If you want to succeed in your 5:2 weight loss diet and get that slim figure while feeling energetic and staying healthy, this is then your only option.




Proactol´s main ingredient is a pure cactus extract of the best quality.

Many health properties have been found on cactus, but recent exhaustive researches discovered the powerful weight loss properties of this plant and present it to worldwide consumers willing to lose weight in a natural and safe way!

The exclusive patented formula of Proactol contains a fibre compound that is able to bind up to around 28% of the fats you consume with your meals.

To further help you in your weight loss goals, it reduces your appetite and avoids dieters the risk of giving up when experiencing food cravings, provides energy which increases intellectual sharpness and increases physical performance.

Lose weight today with Proactol!